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We have started 2016 with a very mild winter weather, great for walking our Mediterranean mountains. On our monthly agenda, you will already find day activities to discover our mountains, paired with local gastronomy, photography, nature,… (the agenda is in Catalan, but it can be online translated or, if you click on each activity, you will be able afterwards to find its information in English).

We also started offering an interesting getaway combining astronomy and nature all year long, Astronatura’t, on certain dates, that will let us follow the evolution of our sky and nature and learn how they influence each other. A great oportunity to learn about a thousand year old knowledge, that’s unfortunately being lost because of the racing progress and disconnection from nature in our societies.

And finally, we have started again our photography activities program, with 5 very different activities from February to June (which will continue from July to December). Have a look at its pdf version (in Catalan) to get more information!


Responsible Tourism Awards of Catalonia

Responsible Tourism Awards of Catalonia

We have ended 2014 really happy of all the tough work done, which has achieved an award: the IInd Awards of Responsible Tourism in Catalonia, in the category of Best initiative to stimulate local economy. Since the foundation of our company, in 2006, we have strongly believed in our territory, our landscape, our rich and higly diverse natural and cultural heritage, our high quality local products and our people. A very unknown territory, also for the Catalan people themselves, but such a great place to live or spend a holiday, short or long, it doesn’t matter.

Our mediterranean region has been inhabitated from ancient times, creating a human-made landscape in constant change, from wild forest to crops, from crops back to the forest. So walking our stunning territory means enjoying and “savouring” not only the landscape but also all the local products of high quality being cultivated and elaborated, getting to know close up the people and the history strongly linked to the paths we walk.

And one of the activities we organised on February 2014 was in Corbera d’Ebre, where the cruel impact of the Ebre Battle (of the Spanish Civil war) is still visible nowadays in the old village bombed by the dictator Franco. We guided a walk up to Cavalls mountain range, scenery of the fights and with great views over the region, we came down to learn how to prune a vine in the vineyards of Frisach winery, we enjoyed a wine tasting of organic wines in the beautiful location of Santa Madrona chapel, we savoured a delicious local lunch of clotxa (traditional lunch of the peasants), we played a traditional local game and ended the day visiting the old village.

One person attending the activity, who really enjoyed the day, decided to nominate us to the Responsible Tourism Awards, and we won in one of the categories! A big thank you to everybody that come to our activities, dedicate their time to us, enjoy the day or holiday with us and tell the others! We keep working hard this 2015!


Helping the white-clawed crayfish in Prades Mountains

Helping the white-clawed crayfish in Prades Mountains

This year we have started our collaboration with CEN Association (Association for the Conservation of  Natural Ecosystems) to offer you the possibility to participate in active ecotourism. And during this summer you can take part in the white-clawed crayfish conservation in Prades mountain range, and unknown nature reserve in Southern Catalonia. You will participate in a refreshing and night population survey of the white-clawed crayfish, go hunting the red swamp crayfish and  enjoy a night guided walk up to the peak of  Prades Mountains.  And keep in mind that 5% of the price of the activity will be a donation to the conservation projects of CEN Association.

Active ecotourism in Catalonia, Spain

Active ecotourism in Catalonia, Spain

This and other summer ideas:



Walking and Wine tasting during the sunset

Walking and wine tasting during the sunset

Summer has finally arrived! And, as every summer, we enjoy cooling off beginning our walks in the afternoon, enjoying the sunset from a nice spot while we eat our picnics and walking back under the moonlight, listening carefully to nature sounds. Do not hesitate to check our summer agenda in our walking website!

Hiking flowers and UNESCO Romanesque on foot in the Pyrenees

Hiking flowers and UNESCO Romanesque on foot in the Pyrenees (July to September)

If you feel like walking a bit more and spend several days in the Pyrenees, we have created the perfect stay for you! Our local biologist will bring you to the hidden spots and valleys of the Pyrenees, introducing you to the thousand-year old tradition of medicinal herbs, UNESCO romanesque chapels, old cobbled footpaths,… You will be staying in a family hotel, where you will be able to enjoy delicious traditional food.

This and other summer ideas:

Have a great summer!


Walking and wine tourism in Catalonia

Tasting organic wines in the Civil War trenches

Are you ready to discover the unknown and stunning Catalonia? Since we became a travel agency last year, we have been working hard to create the best trip ideas to enjoy the authentic Catalonia, putting together our walking company experience with the best accommodations. And here we are, with the first scheduled trips for 2014 and some more that can be done by arrangement, on the dates that best suit you. We have already got the first positive reviews. Please, have a look and do not hesitate to contact us for any question or enquiry you may have! And remember, there will be always a discount for bookings some months in advance.

Spring 2014 – Scheduled dates

Spring 2014
Summer 2014
Autumn 2014 – Scheduled dates
Autumn 2014




2013 has been an impassioned year in El Brogit, with the arrival of a very young member! Despite that, we have organised a wide range of activities to enjoy the stunning southern Catalonia, its landscape, nature, culture, gastronomy,…

And, on 2014, we come full of new travel ideas and activities, which we will soon upload to our website. New products such as the new wine tourism activities that will take place in Terra Alta, the home of part of our family. We will also spend more energies in our travel agency project, offering you new ecotourism holidays and short breaks througout Catalonia.

If you still don’t have your Christmas present, do not hesitate to visit our on-line shop or ask for a tailor-made present. Give Brogit experiences as a present, to enjoy our mountains in a fun and different way.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 
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